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It feels like I’m only gaining weight and losing friends. lonely as fuck (via suicidalsmokes)

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A million percent done with people trying to condone stealing pictures, this is why I don’t post them anymore. Thanks for the support guys, but apparently I’m not a nice person for not wanting my photos stolen.

The account @tumblrtack

On Instagram is stealing pictures off of here and claiming it as okay. I highly recommend you go check and make sure they havnt taken any of your pictures. Also boost this if you can because they have taken obscene amounts of images from here.

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Heading to the ring
Credit to FEI

Washington International Horse Show
Danielle Duryea Photography

The fact that Charlotte Dujardin used the music from How To Train Your Dragon in her Freestyle makes me very happy 

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Anonymous said: What do you think of brown tall boots in the jumper ring on the a circuit?

A simply fabulous and elegant trend for the A Circuit. Defiantly something I would do if I had an extra couple grand for custom brown tall boots

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Anonymous said: What barn is Eliza moving to?

Private barn.

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Pony Finals ‘14
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Pony Butts PF ‘14

I have so many unread Facebook messages that I just forget to reply to and leave it for weeks on end and then I just use the excuse that it would be awkward to reply now because it’s been so long.. I have issues

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The amount of times I have gone out to get my parents stuff past 9:30pm since I got my license is absolutely ridiculous

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I usually don’t like braid pictures, but this one has kind of grown on me.

Guys how do you get forelock braids this perfect? Help!