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spring ‘12
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The day off in-between two weeks of showing, more like:

Let’s sleep for 14 hours

Have a nutritional and complete breakfast

Catch up on missed TV

Do copious amounts of laundry

Eat more food

Sleep more

Regret showing for two weeks

Go back to the showpark

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Tori Colvin & Inclusive
Junior Hunter Finals 2014
That’s the thing about horses. The highs are really high, and the lows are really low. (via theunboundlife)

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Everyday is a learning experience with horses haha. Had to circle Goofy in my pre-child round which was unfortunate because my trainer did the low on him. Doing the low tomorrow so I have a chance to screw up haha. He’s a saint, very lucky to have him!

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A Secret Life of Daydreams by rainyrose23

Anonymous said: what editing program do you use

Answer can be found in my FAQ

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Katie Dinan & Nougat du Vallet

Wow talk about a tbt
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