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Tori Colvin and Chanel B 2, NAJYRC.
Source: The Chronicle

Anyone else notice that the boots have a the same piping as the bonnet?? #need

So there are some really, really good looking guys painting my house right now

Did I mention that they are like really good looking like omfg

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Source: Red Ribbon Photography

Anonymous said: for your friend looking for a derby horse go to bigeq. com

We’ve checked basically everything that matched our criteria on bigeq and we continue to check everyday. Thats why I’m posting on here seeing if anybody knows anything that we havnt seen yet in NA or something in Europe. 

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A friend is looking for a International Hunter Derby Horse or a horse that could be brought up the levels to eventually do the International Derbies.

Max is $150k, they looking for something really fancy.

Please message me if you know of anything! 

Also willing to travel (ie. Europe) to try a horse. 

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Pony Finals ‘14

On Wednesdays we ride greys
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I am going to miss this! #horseshowing

Anonymous said: what brand are your glasses? they look so good on you (:

Thank you! They are Giorgio Armani 

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Equestrian Festival
Palgrave 2014
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Devon Hunter Derby 2012
Photo by- E.Lane Photography (Me)
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Kelley Farmer and Point Being, Devon 2014.
Source: The Chronicle
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Levistan- Hanoverian Stallion
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Hope Glynn was 2nd on King’s Peak in the international hunter derby at Menlo


breaking in the boots

i reblog this every time i see it in appreciation for these boots

Literally Ben Asselin must think I’m the biggest fat ass in the world

I went to Tripple O’s yesterday to get burgers and milkshakes for my friends so I had a tray full of large milkshakes and 2 bags of food and he’s stabled right beside where I was bringing the food and he just looked at me so disapprovingly

But hey

Those milkshakes are to die for

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